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The open secret to peace

14th October 2018, Author: Nic Higham

We yearn to stop our loneliness and our overwhelming sense of incompleteness. We organize our lives around back-to-back blocks of interaction, stimulation, and distraction. We’ll even tolerate acquaintances we don’t particularly like, feeling that it’s better to be distracted in company than to face the abyss. Living our life in this way is often chronic and debilitating; it suppresses the blossoming of Self-realization and our strength and abilities because we have an outward-looking, lack-driven focus. Self-alienation and estrangement lead us to fear being alone and unconnected and make us overdependent on others. And the desire to put an end to incompleteness typically ends up intensifying our isolation.

There’s a profound open secret to real, lasting peace: to want only what we presently possess and to not be concerned about what we are yet to possess. Because you are all that is, essentially, you want everything that happens within the illimitable space that you are. There are no outside authorities or villains to blame or punish for doing things to you against your will; it’s all done by you to you. For this reason, the sooner you admit your authorship, that on some level you desire and create your every experience, the sooner you won’t feel so lost, isolated, and afraid. Being honest with yourself will help you align with what’s true. You are one with life, nothing is apart from you, and knowing this is sanity. Even when you don’t know it, you are living and therefore loving yourself in your countless manifestations. You are the non-duality you seek. 

To realize our oneness, we need to earnestly question the duality we take for granted and be receptive to the wordless truth that remains. When we’ve had enough of our suffering to have realized the usual fixes don’t work and become sincerely curious about other possibilities, we can’t help but open our eyes to wholeness. When we find the courage to be the letting go and live in harmony with what is, in oneness with life, we go beyond the need for routes, maps, and guides and realize that we’ve been searching for home within home. We wake up to the reality that duality is in imagination only and wholeness is actual. We can use the skill of attention to tune into Aliveness habitually; when we do, our self-Consciousness becomes universal Consciousness (oneness), shifting us from existential loneliness to radical aloneness. Not only can we observe Aliveness in formal meditation; we can find ourselves held securely and compassionately within it in everyday life.

All we’re ever searching for is Self-intimacy. We want to encounter ourselves wholeheartedly and relax deeply into our Being.

From ‘Living the Life That You Are: Finding Wholeness When You Feel Lost, Isolated, and Afraid’ by Nic Higham. Buy from Amazon