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Free Counselling In Leicester

Free counselling in Leicester:

There is free counselling in Leicester available and free counselling services online also. I will list several free services below and provide details about my private counselling practice – your first session with me is free of charge.

Many General Practitioner surgeries provide free counselling services on the NHS. If free counselling isn’t available at your surgery, you may be referred (or you may be able to self-refer) to a free NHS psychological therapy service.

Click here to search for free relationship counselling services on the NHS Choices website.

You could also search using Google for ‘free counselling services near me’ and you will see a map of free counselling services and free NHS therapy services in your local area.

First Step is an organisation for male survivors and their supporters of sexual abuse and rape. They provide free confidential counselling services in the city of Leicester.

Leicester Rape Crisis accepts self-referrals from women and girls who have experienced rape, sexual abuse and sexual violence either recently or in the past. Their counselling service is free.

The Free Psychotherapy Network is a group of psychotherapists who offer free and low-cost psychotherapy to people on low incomes.

If you need urgent help you can contact the Samaritans on 08457 90 90 90 or email [email protected]

The initial counselling session you book with me is free.

You will have you opportunity to meet with me and identify your reasons for coming to counselling. It will also give you an experience of what it’s like working with me in a session. There’s absolutely no obligation after your first session to book in further contracted counselling sessions.

Confidentially sharing your challenges and difficulties with somebody who listens well without judgement can help elevate your emotional burdens that are often a result of keeping thoughts and feelings locked up inside. The sessions I offer may give you fresh, helpful insights that you’re currently unaware of, insights that I believe you already carry within you, but perhaps haven’t been able to actualise.

A wonderful benefit of counselling is that it helps people to think and feel about themselves in new ways, and this can be genuinely empowering and liberating. Counselling is based on private conversation, on ‘talking things through’ and creating new possibilities for healthy change. But counselling is so much more than just dialogue; it can help you discover who you are beyond your confusion and bring to light why you relate to people around you like you do.

In the sessions, I will encourage you to share, at an appropriate pace and with sensitivity, your thoughts, feelings, hopes and worries. Through talking about what feels important to you and what is bringing you down, confusing you or making you feel stressed or anxious, you will be helped to gain greater awareness and insight into your thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Counseling in Leicester at my private practice can also lead to working out possible solutions which can boost your self-worth and self-esteem and improve your life situations. I value and work to establish my client’s internal resources, coping skills and strengths. People talk to me about specific problems in the present – the ‘here and now’, but I also support clients with long-term difficulties that stem from the past as well.

Counselling can provide the help and support you need from someone that can be trusted, but who isn’t your friend, family member, or colleague. The people in your life might be able to give you some support and advice, but counseling is a very different type of relationship. Unlike counsellors, not everybody has the skills and capacity to listen “actively” and with mindfulness, and it’s often good to talk with someone who is not involved with your everyday life. To be a professional counsellor, I have done specific training to gain a qualification recognised by a professional body. Throughout my training, it was important to me to achieve a level of competency required by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. Counsellors are guided by specific theories about the causes of problems, and the necessary approaches to help people. I attend ongoing professional development courses, too, have regular supervision, and I am committed to a code of practice and ethical framework. Some other ways counselling differs from other relationships are that appointments take place at a set time and place each week, for a certain duration (50 minutes) and happen over a period. Throughout this duration, I hope that you will experience a trustworthy, reliable, supportive, and empathic therapeutic relationship. Furthermore, counselling is far less about receiving guidance and more about talking to somebody who listens – judgement free.

You can call me on 0116 288 4218 or use the secure contact form

Sessions last 50 minutes. The cost of counselling is £40 per session (after the initial free counselling session).

£30 for further education, university students and unwaged.

I am a qualified member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

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