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Non-duality explained

11th August 2018, Author: Nic Higham

Non-duality definition  I’ve realized that loneliness, isolation, and anxiety are not as clear-cut as they first seem. Their roots go far deeper than merely having too much stress or not enough social contact. Alternatively, realizing our aloneness (oneness) can be a catalyst to reflect, to meet and understand ourselves, not just as people, but as […]


Are we born into isolation

9th August 2018, Author: Nic Higham

“When you’re reading any book about non-duality, the key is not to read in order to gain mental understanding, but rather to notice the tone, feel, and spaciousness of the presentation of the words. Anyone can write a book about being present. But it takes the direct experience of presence to actually express words that […]


Like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad: existential malaise

11th July 2018, Author: Nic Higham

As long as I can remember, I’ve had an underlying feeling of angst which has subtly pervaded every nuance of my life. If you’ve watched the movie The Matrix, you may understand how I related to the chilling wake-up call Morpheus offered to Neo as he was beginning to question reality: “What you know you […]


Lonely Quote from 13 Reasons Why

11th July 2018, Author: Nic Higham

A quote from the Netflix TV drama 13 Reasons Why.  Season 1, episode 7 (Tape 4, Side A) ‘You’re going to tell me that this one is no big deal, but let me tell you about being lonely. Humans are a social species; we rely on connections to survive. Even the most basic interactions keep […]


Jeff Foster on Depression and the Dualistic War

8th July 2018, Author: dave

A transcription of an interview by Nic Higham with spiritual teacher Jeff Foster Part 2: Freedom in the midst of depression Read part 1   Jeff Foster: Pain becomes personal when I go into the story of “my pain”, but somehow, in the present experience of pain, right at the heart of pain, pain is no […]


What is non-duality?

2nd July 2018, Author: dave

This video helps define non-duality A fun way to explain what non-duality (advaita) is! Want to know how to define non-duality – check out this little video I made a few years back. Words by the great Alan Watts.


Jeff Foster Interview on Depression and Non-duality

17th June 2018, Author: dave

A transcription of an interview by Nic Higham with spiritual teacher Jeff Foster Part 1: The Deeper Truth of Depression   Nic Higham: According to Mental Health Foundation, one in four people will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year. Depression affects one in 10 people and as it stands, […]


Moving Beyond the Anxiety of Avoidance

29th May 2018, Author: dave

Fear definition: a sense of agitated restlessness and stress resulting from the existence or possibility of harm. Everyone has fears – it’s how our bodies protect themselves from harm. But fear and anxiety also restricts us because not everything we’re afraid of is really harmful. Do you ever plan to do something but end up […]


How to Overcome Loneliness

25th May 2018, Author: dave

When you feel lonely don’t fight loneliness – inquire into the roots of dualistic isolation  “Enlightenment is intimacy with all things.” – Dogen Zenji   Like many people, you might think of loneliness as a negative experience, brought on by a lack of connection with others. You may also have a sense that loneliness mostly has […]


When we leave our thinking alone we create space

20th May 2018, Author: dave

“When we leave our thinking alone we create space in our minds to see something new about life. We can start to see that our thinking is operated by something bigger than us, something that’s universal because we all work the same way. The same energy that takes care of our breathing also takes care […]